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Lean into it

The best thing since sliced bread - man, what a tired, boring, old saying. There have been tons of things better than sliced bread. Why not the best thing since steak? The best thing since beer, heck you could run a campaign on that one...why not the best thing since the Tilting Motor Works Trike Kit?

I see you’re concrete in the conviction that sliced bread is indeed the best thing this side of 1928 (yep, that’s when it was invented). Let me ask you something though; can you straddle a piece of sliced bread and rumble through a corner in full black, badass leather...wow, I guess you can, I apologize, I underestimated how strange you are and your appetite for beans.

For the rest of you that prefer to ride Harley’s and not baked goods, I’m sure you’ll going to agree that Tilting Motor Works Trike Kit is the best thing...well since Tilting Motor Works. Let me explain - Trike conversions are great, they let people ride even if they can’t do it on two wheels. But ask any veteran rider what they really miss about moving from two wheels to three. It's not the wind in their face, the speed or the sound of a V-Twin tearing down the black-top, trikes give you all of that after all...It's the lean.

The Lean

Tilting Motor Works knows this that’s why they came up with a Trike kit that leans. This isn’t your grandma’s trike kit either (grandma’s a hard-ass don’t do me wrong) - not only does it lean but it leans responsively and looks cool doing it. If you are at speed it leans, not a slight banking either  - I’m talking about a deep lean, until your floorboards are shooting sparks at that screechy Suzuki crotch-rocket behind you. And when you stop it locks the bike upright, so don’t need to put your feet down, one of the benefits of a rigid trike kit. Here’s the coolest part of it though, if you stop at an angle, this trike conversion kit has a hydraulic pump which straightens it up. Which is a good thing because you would look pretty damn goofy waiting at stoplight leaning to one side - I know it's probably a safety thing, but looking cool is important too right? And don’t worry it doesn’t make handling stiff or stubborn, it's only there when you need it (or come to a complete stop, whichever happens first).

Looking cool and handling is a match made in heaven. Tilting Motor Works Harley Trike kit looks perfect on a Harley. It moves its two wheels up front, first so the system can lean, second to give you more control, more rubber on the ground and the stopping power of 20 pickups trucks in reverse (ok give-or-take 19 pickups which is still more than a bike’s). It features matching fenders and a chrome grill that would make a 1957 Chevy Bel Air feel inadequate.

Here’s another selling point - let’s not be coy, we love this kit and we want to put it on your Harley, which by the way if you don’t have one you can get a great pre-owned Harley Davidson from Bumpus Harley Davidson(I know that was shameless plug, but we want more bikes on the road- sue us...actually don’t. Stop by and meet us, we’re pretty nice guys and gals). A thoroughbred American machine deserves a true, red, white and blue American made trike kit. Tilting Motor Works Trike Kit is made in Snohomish, Washington in good ole U.S of A. with the guarantee of skilled American labor behind it.

If you miss that feeling of banking into a turn, pulling through it with a stable twist of the throttle, then we can fix that.

Tilting Motor Works Trike Kit is now available at Bumpus Harley Davidson. Lean into it.



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